Go To Market (GTM) Services

Go To Market (GTM) Services are the lynchpin of the Laureus Consulting portfolio and value proposition. Any new technology vendor needs to have in a coherent product, sales, marketing and delivery strategy in place.

Laureus Consulting is able to advise, design, implement and manage each of these key business services alongside internal teams to assist new technology vendors, and existing vendors with new products and services, succeed in the legal market.

Product Management

Ensuring that any new product is both right for the market today and will grow/develop in line with changing customer requirements is vital to company success. Firms need to implement a coherent product strategy, underpinned by regular customer interaction and feedback with the right internal teams.

Technology companies frequently miss that customers are looking at the "Whole Product" and service attributes such as consultancy services, partner networks, implementation, support and account management services. These non-technical aspects of the service are equally as important as new features and functions.

With over 15 years product management experience, Laureus Consulting is able to aid technology vendors develop comprehensive product roadmaps and implement investment plans to deliver against the "Whole Product" attributes key to the firm's success.

Business Development

Revenue growth is the only way firms will succeed. When selling software &/or technology services effective sales opportunity management is paramount otherwise firms won't grow or understand their real market opportunities.

Laureus Consulting is able to design, implement and manage coherent opportunity management plans that identify the right prospects, potential early-adopter firms, individuals and teams that will generate revenue and assist the business in achieving its longer term revenue objectives.


Traditionally technology vendors focus on product features and functions and not the value and business benefits for prospect firms. This frequently results in potential customers not seeing or understanding the real benefits of new and disruptive technologies.

Laureus Consulting is able to help in correctly defining the "value proposition" and business benefits that will resonate, make customers engage and ultimately invest in the services.

Alongside effective messaging Laureus Consulting has extensive experience in designing and executing coherent legal sector marketing strategies.

Partner Ecosystems

Selling software and services rarely happens in isolation from other existing providers. Developing partner alliances with technology, revenue and other partners is important in building brand reputation, improving product functionality and revenue growth.

Laureus Consulting has extensive experience in initiating, negotiating and managing ongoing strategic partner relationships for new vendors.